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Quick briefing on Canada for my peeps. [2003/01/03 1519]


Here're some links for my peeps going to Canada with me. The best identification to bring is a valid US Passport, or a birth certificate. The point is, you need something that shows your citizenship. A driver's license just won't cut it.

You also need at most $50 for lodging. I did good with the hotel. :)
c01dphu510n 1/3/2003 03:19:32 PM

Rael and Clonaid reveals what they are full of. [2003/01/03 1442]


Claude Vorilhon (Rael) and Clonaid CEO Brigitte Boisselier have said that the baby Eve, a supposed clone of her 31-year old American mother, will not undergo DNA to prove that she is in fact a clone.

This is a sure sign that these guys are full of shit.

When "scientists" claim that they've made a breakthrough will not allow that their claims be put to the test and verified by an independent experiment, whatever the reason they say they have, they are probably lying. Rael's supposed reason is that a Florida judge signed an order that if the baby's whereabouts were revealed she'd be taken away.

What really happened was that a Florida attorney filed a lawsuit, wanting a legal guardian appointed for the infant. If the baby's mother does not show for the hearing, then it is possible the baby can be taken away. Possible.

If you can't prove it, it never really took place. They are full of shit. They want to be considered credible, yet they won't provide the child for a simple DNA test.

Then, when asked point blank if he and Clonaid had succeeded in a great publicity stunt, Rael claimed that his earpiece was going bad. As Alyssa says, "the convenient equipment failure, uh huh, riiiiiight." Good call Alyssa.

c01dphu510n 1/3/2003 02:52:33 PM


c01dphu510n travels back in time, becomes a reveled fashion god. [2003/01/02 0442]

Alyssa made a new image a few days ago, undoubtedly using Adobe Photoshop, of me in my leather jacket with a cowboy hat on in the Wild West. She named this image 'ineedalife.jpg'. Go figure. :)

Run your mouse cursor over the image if you can'y find me. It's like an interactive Where's Waldo?, sure, right, that's it.

c01dphu510n 1/2/2003 04:42:37 AM


Happy New Year. [2003/01/01 1451]

We've definitely had a hell of a year. From the dust settling on Ground Zero, the "war" on terror, death, destruction, clones, personal confusions and difficulties, and so much other shit, I'm ready for this one to end. Perhaps 2003 will be better. I sincerely hope so.
c01dphu510n 1/1/2003 02:53:37 PM


The New Year is upon us...I begin with a bang [2002/12/31 1546]

Well, the new year is almost upon us. I sincerely hope that it's better than 2002 was. Generally, my odd years (1999 specifically) are better than the even years. So, 2003 had better rock. Yeah.

So, I've gone out the past two nights and gotten a little drunker than I should have, and of course I'm going out tonight. I've got a handfull of parties and people to visit, so I'm going to driving about and probably not drinking much of anything, because of how I felt this morning. Bad. BaD. bAd. BAD!

Anyway, I hope that I see all of my friends tonight. I'm sure I'll run into everyone somewhere.

Anyway, what else. A bunch of us are going to Niagara Falls next week, and that should be a blast. Clubs, bars, the Casino and my favorite, a strip club. Damn, baby, thanks to Matt and Mike for introducing me last time.

That's all boys and girls, keep ya chins up, it'll get better.
c01dphu510n 12/31/2002 03:44:54 PM


And so it begins...[2002/12/27 1631]/Repost [2002/12/29 0221]

[c01dphu510n]: Repost of my cloning rant from the old blog page.



My cloning Rant

It has begun. Last night I was reading that Clonaid, founded by the Raelians, was planning an announcement soon, and that they did today. At 1155 hours local time Thursday, in the unnamed country in which she was born, a little girl named Eve came into this world. The difference between her and the many billions that came before her is that she an exact genetic copy of her mother.

Completely honestly, I don't feel that this technology is wrong by itself, when it is used to give a child to wanting parents, but I foresee several problems with this. My problem is that when one technological breakthrough is made, it opens the door for even more frightening prospects, such as baby designed to their parents' specifications, conflicts and wars between engineered people and those who are not, and possibly a caste society of engineered workers: a Brave New World of sorts. Not only that, the adoption system will become more overrun with unwanted babies because those with money will be creating clones of deceased babies and of themselves, not adopting as they should. Some say that technology refutes the slippery slope fallacy that you may have learned about in any philosophy class. I am beginning to think that this is true. It is not necessary to continue with this line of experimentation, but it is probable.

What a prophet Aldous Huxley was. Read Brave New World and 1984. I can only hope that they are wrong.
c01dphu510n 12/29/2002 02:17:07 AM

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