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Late Night Public Safety Rant - 03:09:02 13 May 2001

Well, kids, I've finally gotten around to starting a new site. I once had Achernara, my own little home on the Web, where you could read my rants and whatever other weird stuff I put up there. It resided on GeoCities, and then Yahoo! GeoCities. Then, last fall sometime, some punk at Yahoo! e-mailed me and said that I was in violation of the company's TOS (Terms of Service) agreement. Since most of my site contained broken links to other parts of the site because I had stopped in the middle of restructuring to include real subdirectories (remember old GeoCities and their lack of subdirectories? what a pain in the ass!), I surmised that it had to do with something on my main page. I calmly told them that if they couldn't be more specific they could more or less go to hell. They then told me that I was in violation of someone's copyright for something. I said, "Be more fucking specific!" So they referred me to some international law firm's site, evidently trying to scare me. So I ignored them. Eventually, they must have taken down my entire site and removed my account from Yahoo!. Yippee. So I got a new account, and I'll just revamp and repost the website. Duh, I kept a copy of all the HTML code and images. What do you take me for, a fool?

Yes, boys and girls, this is going to be text based until I get a chance to toss some graphics up here and get my iMac back after its SECOND major problem since I got it. This time the hard drive died, with an "invalid header node", which apparently was a magnetic problem and not a mechanical one because (Applause Please) the beautiful Alsoft DiskWarrior chewed up that hard drive a spit me out a recovered one in a snap. Now that definitely deserves a link. Now all that remains is to actually replace the hard drive and transfer everything from the old to new and bring my baby home for the first time in a month. It should hopefully be no later Monday when I get that thing back! I'm excited. The last thing that happened to it required replacement of the motherboard, which wasn't quite so much of a production because I didn't lose access to absolutely everything on my hard drive like I did this time. I almost lost all of my files, my family's school stuff, my 7 GB collection of nearly 2000 MP3s. Not cool.

The life of Anarchy (one of my many aliases, and the one I like the best that I can actually put up on my personal site) goes on. To feed my endless need for money, I've snagged a job working for Public Safety at Clarion University of Pennsylvania this summer, offered me by my friend Bryan Hartle, who seems to run the entire Student Officer aspect of this joint. It's an easy job, considering I'm on duty right now at four o'clock in the morning writing websites for something to do. At least I had a few phone calls tonight, two personal calls, one wrong number, and some guy asking if Public Safety could help him get a key he forgot in some office somewhere. Nobody is here. At least when school is in session, I can party at Phi Mu Alpha or go out to dinner or visit my peeps in Campbell or something. I also work at Kmart, like I have been doing for what seems like an eternity - 18 months. Whatever. They pay me $6.60 for straightening shelves, and I can handle that, although it sucks. I also work at another on campus job, as assistant for Dr. Donna Kahle, which is a pretty easy job and pertains to one of my majors, which happen to be Computer Science, Math with a concentration in Computer Science (redundant, I know), and a minor in Spanish. I'll be having (sadomasachistic) fun. I'm a sophomore, first semester here at Clarion.

God, I hate flourescent lights. They burn the eyes. I swear one day when we're all blind we'll find out that exposure to flourescent light, years before, was the cause, just like everything else everyone in the world does apparently hurts them in someway or another. We're apparently supposed to just live in a box out in the woods, eating blades of grass and twigs while sitting all day and scratching ourselves trying not to think jumping the bones of the hot cavewoman babe sitting naked next to me sharing my ineffectual existence because we listened to the Surgeon General and every doctor, nutritionist, columnist, writer, sports figure, actor, and Moe, the little midget that sits on the corner of 18th and 28th in New York and claims wildly that "the world will end if you finish that Twinkie without giving me a bite!!"

Anyway, I'll soon be putting up the content from the old site, plus more rants like this one and little writings and papers that I've written that somebody may find of interest, plus probably a Jargon File mirror, plus whatever else I have for everyone. I don't know how much space I'm allowed to have, but this server runs on a Linux box here on campus, so I'll just ask Matt nicely and maybe I can have all I want.

Well, that's enough for now. REVOLUTION.

End 05:19:18 13 May 2001