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Population Control - 30 January 2001

There has been another terrible earthquake in India this past week. I'm not sure how many have killed, but I had heard that there were as many as 22,000 dead or missing and 32,000 injured.

There are several reasons that I see for this to have happened with such a catastrophic loss of life. First of all, most structures in India are built shoddily, which makes them prone to collapse, while people just go about their business inside, there may be an earthquake anytime that could bring it crashing down on their heads.

Second, India, I believe, is poised in the near future to surpass China as the the populous nation on Earth. It already houses over one billion people now. Those casualty numbers, I'm sorry to say, are small when compared to a population of over one billion people. It is my opinion that India should adopt strict population control measures, just as China recognized the problem and did so many years ago. In fact, I believe that all nations should adopt these sorts of measures. One couple should have no more than one or possibly two children. This would, in the future, begin to stabilize a world population that has already topped six billion, and will reach eight and even ten billion in the next century.