c01dphu510n's reactor

There has been ignited in me a fire, a pyre that I believe will never be extinguished - the love of travel. I've just completed a week long sojourn to the wonderful city of London, at great personal monetary expense, but I am fully willing to accept that debt in order to have the opportunity to take trips as amazing as this one, as I know many people of my few years unable to partake in such a grandiose experience. I am already planning a trip to Canada in April, perhaps, and looking into something to Mexico, probably Mexico City, next year with my friend Anna.

My reason for travel is to give myself the opportunity to vacation from the dismal confines of life in Clarion to which I have been subjected for nearly twenty years. No, I don't hate Clarion - that much. But I prefer to experience new places, people, foods, and fun before I become too old and responsible to truly enjoy them. I also very much believe that everyone should have the chance to travel and learn as I have, and will much more. There is no better way to be a worldly person than to see the world for yourself.

I have made a vow to myself to travel as much as is monetarily possible and learn as much as I can about other peoples, cultures, countries, and lands.