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I took a trip to London to give myself a vacation from the doldrum of life in Clarion, intending on doing some writing and thinking and reflecting on my life. While I did these things, I decided that like many people, I believe I am looking for something.

This makes complete sense in my head, but does not make enough sense when i try to express it, so bear with me. I believe that I am looking for something in this life that I have not found yet. Maybe it is a person, a place where I feel at home, or maybe something else. I believe, or at least hope, that I will know it when I see it, and grab ahold of it.

Perhaps this things I am looking for is love or companionship. I had that once, for probably the happiest time of my life, but now it is gone again. I truly do wish that I had it back, not necessarily the girl, but the love. I honestly believe that it is one of the things I'm looking for, perhaps the most important one.

Perhaps this things that I am looking for is a place - I went to London by myself for an entire week because i wished to go somewhere somewhat more exotic than Florida or Cancun, and by exotic I mean a place where not every other spring-breaking college student wishes to go. I am not quite sure if London is my place, but I don't think so. I will probably end up going to the ends of the Earth to find my place, and it'll probably end up being like Vladivostok, Russia, somewhere most people don't even know exists. I wish I knew what is I'm looking for.