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Hedonism Reigns Supreme

As we enter the twenty-first century, the mainstream attitude towards sexuality, drugs, drinking, and downright fun are becoming more and more liberal by the day, and let's face it, downright hedonism reigns supreme, especially among young people. I myself hold a decidedly liberal attitude when it comes to these issues, but I believe that each person who chooses to engage in them should know his or her own personal limits and, of course, the risks involved with each individual activity. My outlook would probably be frowned upon by my Catholic brethren, not mention my great uncle, who is a Catholic priest, but is actually similar to or more conservative than that held by some of my friends and acquaintences. I live by my own code of honor and self-restraint, not relying on the law or my family to facilitate my self-discipline, in which case, how could it be called self-discipline? I consider excessive and destructive drug, alcohol, and tobacco use to be a sign of great weakness. I simply an not interested in getting "wasted" or "stoned" every night of my life. I have much better things to do. Now, I don't see a problem with alcohol, if it is consumed with caution and in moderation; sex, if it is performed with as much protection possible and is with someone with whom you have a committed loving relationship; and drugs and tobacco are simply not necessary at all.