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Gun Control

I have lived in this town - Clarion, Pennsylvania - for years now. Something that I have realized is that this place, or more generally, the rural "hick" town that it represents, has got to be the most gun-centric type of community short of the common street gang, drug cartel, or of any of the many militaries in the world.

Simply put, parents in this area of the world push guns of all kinds on their children at a very young age, sometimes at the age of three or four. Where I do in fact agree that the right to own a gun is an inalienable one, there is no need for children to grow up believing that guns should be worshipped and that consequently violence is the only way to solve any sort of problem. Besides that, there is no need for anyone to own hundreds of guns and certainly no need for anyone to own any kind of assault rifle, such as the MP4, MP5, M16, AK47, or AR15 version of the M16. Frankly, the only purpose for this type of weapon is to kill people.