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We all know Clarion. Clarion, undoubtedly like so many other small towns in the northeast, south, and midwest, is a very model of lower middle class white society. The one important element which brings some much-needed diversity into this very homogeneous small rural Pennsylvania town is the existence of Clarion University. The shining ember in an otherwise icy habitation bring with it not only the revenue that the county needs to remain vibrant, but a more or less diverse body of over six thousand students and employees. This is, in my eyes, a welcome start to pulling away mask of homophobia and closeminded racism that results from not having come in contact with people of any other background other than your own. I truly hope that for our sake and the sake of our children and their children that this mentality is lifted into the light of truth, acceptance, and justice, because the world is simply becoming smaller every minute of every day. As we become a truly world society, every member of that society will be called upon to accept and tolerate others who are different than themselves. We must all learn to not take offense at or fear every small difference between people, as that simply breeds contempt and hatred.