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Bush and Abortion - 22 January 2001

Today I heard on the news that George W. Bush suspended federal aid to foreign countries that support abortion clinics. The man works quite quickly. he did this on his second full day in office. Though I agree with his action, because I oppose abortion, that is just about the only Republican stance that I can agree with.

I happen to wonder at this point how things are going to change from the Democratic ideals to those of the Republicans. This is only the beginning, I believe. One thing I will say - Bush and his Attorney General had better uphold the law as it stands, as long as it stands. If they do not, and it goes unchecked, there will be no end to their abuse of power. I believe that there will be an abuse of power in that executive discretion will be used to stifle cases and causes on which freedom and safety shakily stand in this country.

For those very reasons, I donate to the American Civil Liberties Union and Amnesty International. I believe that we need organizations like these whose broad-sweeping search and destroy tactics, aimed at injustice, will hold some conservative destructions of freedom at bay.