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Aid to Africa

Africa is one of the poorest, if the not the poorest, continents or regions in the world. We as citizens of the United States hae a responsibility and duty to share our wealth with all of our neighbors around the world, especially in Africa.

Aid should be provided to African nations with the stipulation that they or any of their people not be engaged in any sort of war, evil or otherwise. With that in mind, we need to provide food to children starving in the poorest layers of society, but there's the catch - begin a United States government staffed distribution and delivery service. Too much aid is being squirreled away by too man middlemen as it is geing moved in to help those who need it the worst. With this government sanctioned service, we may be able to reasonably guarantee that good and money donated by private citizens and th esame from government sources reaches those in need, and I mean all of it.

Africa needs help in another way - medicine and education to combat the phenomenal rise of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in subSaharan Africa. Too many people are suffering and dying for us to allow the spread of this devastating disease to progress any further.