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Activism Is Dead!

Face it. Activism is just about dead in this country. Just thirty or forty years ago, there were millions of people protesting everything from the Vietnam War to globalization to bras. Young hippies were everywhere, spending their time, not working, not going to school, but trying to educate the older public that was so entrenched in their patriotism that they were blinded by it. Now, thirty years later, something has gone wrong. The average middle classer has neither the time nor the energy nor the money to wage war on the very system that hold him under its boot. It truly is a downward spiral, endless and nearly unavoidable by those who would choose comfort and relative security over the cause of greater good and our right to know how we are being governed. There is something going on on some level in this country that the perpetrators would rather us not know about. I wish to know, I have to know, and I will know.