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McDonald's Non-proliferation Treaty? (2002/12/24, 2252)

Come on Bushy, get on it. Think the United Nations'll support that one?

This is my man Travis standing in front of a McDonald's somewhere in Europe, and I don't remember where. It's said that another McDonald's open somewhere in the world every twenty minutes. I saw McDonald's in some of the most famous places, such as near the Spanish Steps in Rome and nestled deep in a one meter alley in old Venice. I was appalled. Have they no sense of history and what should go in places like these? In my opinion, definitely not Greasy Mac's.

Another selected photograph. (2002/12/22, 0041)

I took this photograph somewhere in Italy. Always interested in different political models, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they're received in other countries, I was naturally surprised to this poster displayed in such a prominent place, since something like this would not see the light of day in the United States. Anyway, the rest of this story is that I just had to have this poster and tried to take it off the wall (damn American thief), and my teacher even tried to help me, but the wheat paste glue they used was so tight it started to tear, and we abandoned its removal in lieu of catching our bus. Oh well.

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I needed a new car anyway.